Sunday, November 13, 2005

Oooohhh, that Mr.Clarkson.

You know you are the epitome of laziness when you wake up in the morning with all your clothes still on after having spent the previous night just watching tv. I had great intentions to get up after the third episode of Top Gear to change, but that wise cracking Jeremy Clarkson had me spellbound.... so spellbound in fact that he lulled me into a deep, fully clothed sleep.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Allo Allo!

Went to see Wallace and Gromit with Ian tonight. Very funny. The most amusing part for me was seeing Wallace reading "Ay-Op!", complete with the red and white lettering, bearing all too familiar a resemblance to good ol', "Hello". Why I snorted with laughter. Unfortunately, the whole joke shot Concorde style, (pre exploding in the sky incident), over the Canadian's head.
Oh deer........

A new store has opened near my school. This little store sells flowers and antiques. Odd combination, but this is Korea after all. However, it is the name of the store that has provided the most entertainment.

"Flowers and Entics".


Wednesday, November 02, 2005


This month a Census is being conducted. This evening Census lady turned up at the door. I have no idea what I told her. It was one of those wonderful experiences where one is faced with a Korean only speaker and a Korean only form. It resulted in me phoning Maebh employing her as my translator. The first part of the form may be filled out correctly, but the second part is a complete mystery to me. At the end of the ordeal Census lady and I peered at the form, glanced at each other and agreed that there was no way this thing was appropriately filled out. So I send her off with a post it note with my name and number and a little note telling the nice Census people that, in all likelihood, the information on the form is gobildigook and that someone in management really ought to ring me so I am not classified as an illegal unemployed immigrant.