Monday, February 27, 2006

What on earth does Ricky Martin have to do with the Winter Olympics?
Isn't he from Puerto Rico? The Olympic Committee might as well have blown the entire budget on U2 instead. What with the Irish passion for snow......

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I love the Eighties. Really. I do. What other decade could have produced such greats as Boston, Chicago, ( band names reached their creative peak during these illustrious times), Meat Loaf and Foreigner. How I mock those who admit their love of such shocking music, being screeched or crooned by a mullet sporting, rail thin, drainpipe jeans attired youth with the face of a two year old and the legs of an elastic band. How I have been forced to hang my head in shame as I have made these blasts from the past my jogging buddies. There is nothing quite like the crescendo of "More than a feeling" followed by
"I'd lie for you" with the rising tones of "Toto" to get me going at a pace not shy of a steady trot. Of course I also like to join in with the power choruses, so it is taking everything in me to not let out a few chords or indulge in some air drums.

Also the oldies who hurl themselves around the lake area each night are starting to recognise me so I am getting lots of cheery waves and "Hello!"s from those aged 60 and over who can still run past me. I think I might join them for tea and gossip mongering by the lakeside when the weather gets a little better. Should they prove themselves to be unhip and not with it, then I'll get just get accquainted with the team of guys who practice their breakdancing in a park near the lake. One of them is going to be spending some time in spine rehab at the rate they are going. They aren't very talented, yet think they are, so attempt all sorts of head for feet
poses that will result in neck braces for all.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

For those of you wondering, the final picture in the previous post really does demonstrate the width of the hotel room. In Japanese cities, space is at a premium so many hotels, ( in order to meet rents etc) try to squeeze as many rooms as they can into their buildings. They do not reduce their rates for these rooms so they still make a mind blowing profit. I can honestly say that it really was the smallest hotel room I ever stayed in and it was an oddly fun experience.

I also saw a rat on the street. That experience is an entire blog in itself.

Japan is mad.

Really. It is.

It is a place where the people are not happy with beer cans available in two sizes. They want a third option and hell if it looks like something you might offer to a minor, what the heck.

It is also a place where the oddest looking cars are the coolest cars. Evidently, they are very easy to park in congested spots like Tokyo so I agree that their compact size is indeed genius for city travelling, but what numbskull was appointed Head of Design?

Demonstrating the size of the hotel room in itty bitty Japan is Ian.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

So I turned 26 a few weeks ago. I have been so depressed by my age increase that I have not been able to bring myself to blog. And had I blogged it would have been a melancholic musing on how old I am getting, people's expectations of what one should have achieved by the aged of 26,what I haven't achieved and what I really ought to get round to doing.

Mid life crisis no more. Crisis mode is hitting in your twenties.