Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Power of Picasa2



Sometimes I amaze myself, but Picasa2 has knocked me out. I am off to doctor just about every picture I have ever taken.

I did NOT put that ridiculous header above, but there doesn't appear to be a way to alter it. The above pictures are some of my pictures from Asia. I do have pictures of other places but I haven't been able to locate the wire to load up pictures from the camera. Typical. Browsing through the my spaces and the bebos of complete strangers has its benefits as I managed to get a link to the site that makes my pictures do the collage effect. Whoo hoo!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen,

My preferred drink of celebration is champagne. So please do put some on ice as the Candadian High Commission have granted me a working visa.

Canada here I come.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

So Sudan Red (yup, the cancer causing dye) has been found in some Asian chili powders. Food for thought for those of those that gorged on denjon jigae. And if ingesting Sudan Red isn't enough for South Koreans to handle, they are now being faced with an increasing suicide rate. It is being blamed on the widening divide between rich and poor. Correct me if I am wrong, but surely it is all to do with their emotionally opressive, indivdualism hating, forced family orientated society. Bah.

On the bus home I came up with a make cash slow scheme. Think about this, people from the age of 14-35 listen to their ipods frequently at alarmingly loud volumes. Therefore, by the time they are 65 (ish), they will have hideous aural abilities and will be in dire need of hearing aids. Anyone who owns or invests in hearing aid companies will be sitting on gold mines and wiping their bottoms with $100 bills. Of course it will only take a mere 30 years to accumulate even one bill to wipe your backside with.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

You know when a cartoon character stubs their toe, it turns scarlet red, starts to pulse like a beating heart and turns into the size of a beach ball? I am currently sporting an imjury eeriely similar to that. I am the Foghorn Leghorn of the human world. I stubbed my third toe against the lap top that was lying on the floor on Friday night. It hurt like all hell. I had to do my best not to cry. It is now a palette of colours...none that blend all that well. Lots of black, with blues and reds, and a hint of yellow.

I am going for sympathy gold on this one.
On Friday evening I decided to treat myself to a nice bottle of red wine. Seeing as I am a member of the rat race, I tend not to question the price, more the quality of the wine and grape. However, I was brought kicking and screaming back to my church mouse university days when I overheard a trio of young college girls discussing the merits of the bottles of wine they were clutching. Each bottle they were holding had a value of about €6.00 so it was safe to say that if they bored of knocking back wine, they could use the remaining "alcohol" to remove paint from their bedroom walls. Instead they were animatedly comparing the alcohol percentages of each wine. They were torn between the 11.5% and they 12% bottles as the 12% was an extra €2. But, the brains of tomorrow cleverly deduced that if they spent a little more on the 12% bottle they would be more intoxicated therefore they would spend less on alcohol once they got into town later thatnight. You have to love the economics of an inpoverished mind.

Friday, February 09, 2007

My life has been so boring this last week

Sleep in
Get up
Shower ( only because society dicates so)
Take pills
Waste half my life on the internet
Take pills
Ingest baby food
watch crap on tv
Take pills
Ogle Ian on web cam
Stay up too late
Watch Ugly Betty reruns
Take pills
Go to bed

However, i did fit in a little shopping between taking my pills and ogling Ian.I bought clothes that have resulted in me spending the last day justifiying their purchase. I might as well look good justifying......

Friday, February 02, 2007

I had my wisdom teeth removed today. All four. I have zero swelling, bruising or pain. How strange. I'm sitting up, talking and taking in soft foods. Apparently once I came out of my anaesthetic I was full of the joys of life and had a great chat with the nurses. I was left in recovery for ages where I nearly went insane from boredom. I can only presume that the anaesthetic, painkillers and suppository combined completely numbed any potential pain. I am incapable of staying in bed during the day, so had a rather difficult time sitting in my recovery bed from 9am to 5 pm. Mind you, if I could, I would have an anaesthetic every 6 months. After anaesthetic, I feel so refreshed and relaxed. Perhaps I feel that way, as I go into the operating room all geared up for a long deep deep sleep. Nothing like it. However all the other people in recovery asked for injections to ease nausea and vomiting following their anaesthetic. Not power girl! Made of steel, me.

Today I went into the clinic wearing a hoodie, cargo pants, trainers, with no make up, spots all over my face and my ipod glued to my ears. I filled out my vitals on the medical report, handed it back only to have the nurse come back to tell me that I had made an error on my form. She didn't believe that I was 26. She thought I was about 17. How fabulous I thought, until I realised she probably thought I was still in my teens what with my spot ridden face and ipod blasting the latest from yer man Mika.