Friday, September 16, 2005

It's a Bugs Life

Cockroaches.They come in many shapes and forms and apparently I have the brownband variety dancing merry jigs in my apartment. They are hideous disgusting creatures that breed like rabbits and have made my apartment life hell. The spawns of satan began their life in my apartment before I moved in and it has proven a difficult task to rid my place of them. The previous tenant had complained about them, but the school failed to pay any great heed to him and so it wasn't until the school handy man turned up to chuck some boric acid around the place, did he realise that acid was not going to bring an end to Roach Fest 2005. So instead of forking out for an exterminator the school is moving me to another apartment. However my new slum like abode will not be ready for two weeks as they have to wait for the current tenant to leave. So I have taken up residence with Ian at his place. And I think he is adjusting quite well to the influx of moisturisers, underwear and non stop reruns of Will and Grace.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Nothing, and I mean nothing, of any significance has happened over the last week. The high point has been buying some shower gel called "Cocoa" and discovering that it actually does smell of chocolate.

Depressing really.

Although on Saturday I did go to a board game cafe with Ian and some friends where my ass was whopped by Ian at Connect 4. Mind you I got excited to the point of hyperventilation when I found out the cafe had Connect 4. I also had myself convinced that I could thrash Ian, but failed to realise that consistently beating your brother at Connect 4 when you were 6 and he was 4 does NOT ensure global Connect 4 domination. On the same night I got to meet up with an old friend from Daegu who is now in Seoul having spent some inbetween time in Prague and Bangkok. And what stories he had about Bangkok. Don't think I want to go there now. I could tell you what they are, but lord that would involve having to type more. So enough of that.

Chusok is approaching ( Korean Thanksgiving... although they conduct memorials to their ancestors than actual thanking the giving...i have myself confused. Just accept that it is Thanksgiving). I have a number of days off and so Ian, Maebh , Nev and a few more (along with me) are going to a lake area near Seoul, just to hang out and recharge our batteries. There are mountains there, but I am determined to appreciate them from a sitting position as opposed to actually murdering myself by going up one.

Disneyland Hong Kong has opened, Sign me up for a weekend there. However, take a look at their website and you will be delighted to see that you can have your wedding there. I think this place has outdone Vegas for cheesiest wedding destination. Mickey Mouse as best man, Minnie as maid of honour and Donald Duck as the priest......

Monday, September 05, 2005

Typhoon season is upon us again. This time with Typhoon Butterfly. Do not ask. Who names a typhoon that? Maybe it's a play on words like calling a big 6ft 8 thug, Tiny? Or floats like a butterfly stings like a bee? But then they should have called it Bee. Typhoon Bee? Not very typhoonesque. In fact butterfly and bee are ridiculous names. If they are going down the animal way, perhaps, "Pit Bull Terrier", "Rattlesnake" or even "Wasp". Typhoon Wasp. That'll scare the masses. Anyway you will delighted to hear that if the power does go at some point tonight, I am armed with a single candle and half a bottle of water.

I don't stand a chance.

Friday, September 02, 2005

classic incident at the local police station. A bunch of drunk guys were embroiled in a staggering/battering contest outisde the front doors of said station. They were punching, kicking, biting, shouting and pulling at each other, all while the defenders of the peace peered out through the glass doors not daring to venture out to break it up and restore some quiet to the area. Eventually a member of one of the the feuding teams, stepped up to the front line, eyed up the opposition, selected the weakest member of the pack, rolled back his arm and floored the bastard! Everyone stopped in mid swing/drunken punch, stared in awe at the source of the flooring and immediately granted the puncher God like status. A pack of cigarettes was located, the two teams sat on the police station steps, smoked and laughed all while drunk guy lay in an unconscious heap on the ground. The police decided not to get involved seeing as the matter had clearly taken care of itself and so returned to their busy evening of soap watching.