Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's a kind of tragic

A documentary detailing the events of 9/11 was aired this evening on TV. I had only seen one programme, proceeding the attack, which was composed from the footage of two French cameramen who were in one of the Towers at the point of impact. The documentary this evening immediately peaked my interest as it featured survivors and victims who had been in the North Tower- with the survivors giving their personal accounts. There were stories of joy, for those who had escaped and stories of sadness for those who had lost friends and family, or, had been forced to abandon colleagues to save their own lives. The account that brought floods of tears was that from a young receptionist. She escaped death but not the mental anguish. As final credits rolled on the documentary, she brought out the trousers she was wearing on the day of the attack. They were plain white, standard office wear, in fact they were gleaming white. Following 9/11 she made it her mission to clean every single piece of debris and dirt from those trousers. Every day she washed them and then washed them a little more and a little more until finally they were clean. It was her attempt to wash away the evil she was forced to contend with on that September morning.

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